Registration For US Vendors

The registration fee is non-refundable in its entirety.

  • Booth Cost: A 10x10 booth will be available at $1800 (1,50,000 INR)for a duration of 4 days. This includes 2 tables and 2 chairs, with no additional decoration. Vendors also have the option to rent extra tables if required.
  • Extra Table- $30 for the entire 4-day duration.
  • Food Options: Vendors can choose to pre-purchase food for $80 per
    person for the entire 4-day duration, covering both lunch and dinner.
  • Hangers and Racks: Hangers and racks are available at $30 for 4 days,with 12 hangers provided per rack. Additional hangers or racks can be rented for an extra cost.
  • Larger Booth Option: Vendors have the choice to opt for a 10x20 booth at a cost of $2500. 
  • Accommodation for Indian Companies: Indian companies participating in the event will benefit from a discounted partnered hotel for accommodation, with the company covering the expenses.
  • Visa Support: DTribals will provide the necessary supporting documents for Visa applications once registration and fees are completed.
  • Accommodation and Airport Information: For vendors, DTribals has secured discounted rates at partnered hotels for accommodation, with vendors responsible for covering the expenses. The nearby airport is ORD.
  • Health Insurance: Vendors are required to carry health insurance for the duration of the event.